Warriors-Walk is comprised of individuals who seek to grow spiritually strong through deeper shared experiences based in Biblical studies and Small Group Faith Builders, while walking in the steps of ancient Warriors and the Steps of Jesus Christ. Additionally, this experience will provide the tools for sharpening Professional and Personal Skills in Family safety, Site Security, Protective Operations, Counter Threat Briefings and Travel Security.  

We will visit numerous sites to include detailed analysis of the famous battle between David and Goliath. 1st Samuel 17:40…David chose 5 smooth stones from the Elah stream, located today between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel. Those stones, prior to being in David’s hands and directed by God’s Divine Providence, were just merely stones.

*We will discuss how David prepared for this battle, how God delivered him, and draw parallels from historic battles to our personal battles and how we can prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Throughout the tour, guest speakers from the IDF Special Forces, Shin Bet, Caliber 3, US Navy SEALS, DELTA, DEA, FBI and others will share their experiences and Faith, as we Walk the Warriors-Walk and build Networks to complement Your experience.
Matthew Tinsley