Warriors-Walk was an amazing and powerful week. Life changing for sure!

US State Department Diplomatic Security Services Special Agent


Thank you for a life changing week together through Warriors-Walk in Israel.
As you venture back into the world remember what God says in Isaiah 54:17… “No weapon formed against you shall prosper. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.”
You are all my brothers in Christ and don’t ever hesitate to reach out for anything! 

Major Henry “Hank” Black
United States Marine Corps (Ret)


It was an honor to attend Warriors Walk. You are an exceptional group of men, all of you, from 5 Stones intelligence, and the multitude of agencies and backgrounds. Tony, thanks for the impactful, outstanding teachings and exhortations. Dave, thanks for your witness and insights. All – Keep the faith! 

Kevin Herder
Newark New Jersey Police Department SWAT Team (Ret)


Amazing and blessed to have been a part of this experience. Thank you all for making this a wonderful pilgrimage to Israel. A special thanks to Mr. Tinsley for inviting me and making me part of the best experience of my life! Dr. Crisp, your passion and knowledge are second to none. Can’t wait to be a part of the next one.!. God bless all and get home safely. 

Louis Sastre 
Miami Task Force Officer (Ret)


Thank you, Tony, for removing my blinders. I now feel like I can See & Understand His words in a new light. The exponential impact of the Warriors-Walk trip to Israel is not easily measured.  I am blessed to have a new band of brothers in Christ.

Jeff Wagner
DEA Special Agent


I don’t know where to begin or end with how I’m feeling about the recent Warriors-Walk trip. It was beyond description because words cannot fence-in or restrain the experiences of this trip or what Israel has been, continues to be, and will become. 

I feel truly blessed to have experienced this trip with each of you. Having steady Godly fellowship for the past week was remarkable and is both something I need more of in my life and will truly miss. 

Sharing communion with my fellow Saints, a Stone’s throw from the Garden Tomb, is at the top of my list. 

God with us! 

Love you all and will keep each and every one of you in prayer. 

Josh White
Founder – Joshua Builders
Nashville, Tennessee


Thank you, Pastor Crisp! Your heart and passion for people, the Gospel, and Israel is tangible and contagious and we all burn brighter because of our time with you. We bless you in Jesus’ name! 

Thank you to the 5 Stones intelligence Team for all the vision, time, energy, and resources you poured into this trip. May God continue to bless you and your family, 5 Stones, and Warriors Walk to prosper above all we could ask or think. 

Love this group, our time together, and appreciate you all! 

Judah White
Joshua Builders
Nashville, Tennessee



Thanks to the 5 Stones intelligence Team for all you’ve done to make your vision a reality. Thank you, Dr. Crisp, for your teachings, blessings, and friendship, and to my fellow warriors it was an honor and a blessing to have spent the week with you. Thank you for your friendship, I will never forget this week. Bless you all. 

Marco Moncayo
DEA Special Agent
Guadalajara, Mexico


The Word reads, sounds, and feels totally different this morning inside my head and heart. Blessed to have been a part of  Warriors-Walk, truly a life changing event. 

Matt Germanowski
DEA Supervisory Special Agent
DEA Headquarters – (Ret)
Washington, DC


Hello brothers, I wanted to thank you all one more time as it was a privilege and an honor to know you, to pray with you and to learn from you during the Warriors-Walk training in Israel. Also, I will like to share with you Psalm 28:7 which is the one that I keep the closest to me and that I hope it will bring to you the same force and rive that it gives to me: “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in HIM, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise HIM.” – May God bless you all! 

Costin Mihai
CEO & Founder Greenlink Group
Bucharest, Romania


Men what a true honor and blessing to meet each and every one of you where it all began. Thanks Pastor Crisp and David t. for your vision, leadership, and wisdom. What a blessing to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ with warriors and true men of God. Like you said Pastor, let this week refresh and cleanse your soul from all the worst of humanity that we witness and are exposed to. God Bless each of you and love you all!! 

Sheriff Jeff Cassidy
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office
Kingsport, Tennessee


Regarding Warriors-Walk, I ask three things of the Lord before the trip to Israel. 

  1. That I would experience “that special moment” as in walking where Christ walked. This I did experience, in several moments with the Lord at the Sea of Galilee, The Sermon on the Mount, ( Beatitudes), Garden of Gethsemane, HIS presence was real ! Wow! 
  2. That my Faith and Joy would be revived ( I mean .. how could it not be after our Warriors-Walk) !!! 
  3. That I would have a band of Brothers to share with. 

I can certainly check all those boxes; however, God is more than a checklist. GoD continues to minister to my heart and mind as I reflect and read HIS Word! Praying for you all and your families ! 

Be Blessed Warriors
Special Agent
US State Department – Diplomatic Security Service 


Good morning, Wow! I am finally back to “life” I am thankful and praise Jesus for our time together last week in Israel. It was hard on an old man (me). I will be 79 in July, but my son, Todd Mills and my brother in Christ, Zack Cochran, took care of me, they were kind and I hope God blesses them. I had been in Israel in 1999, but the growth in infrastructure, roads, highways and the growth of the city of Jerusalem was amazing. The water coming from the Mediterranean has changed the desert. One of the prophecies for the last days is that the desert will bloom and my friends, we witnessed that last week. Tony Crisp and David t., thank you for inviting us. I pray God will continue to bless your families and your personal testimonies and your business, Tony, thank you again for your courage in sharing the gospel. If there is anything our leadership team can assist in please call on us. Thank you to all members who stepped out and stood for Jesus last week. 

Pete Mills
Pete Mills Karate School
Knoxville, Tennessee


Warriors-Walk Team (and now family), as we go back into our daily lives after having such an amazing experience, we all have the opportunity to witness others about our trip. I would encourage each of you to walk through any door that is opened to you to do that. You never know when that individual has been put in your path by God to minister to. As Tony and David have said, we are all ambassadors for Warriors-Walk. With the next trip coming in October, our voice will be the best advertisement! This was truly a trip of a lifetime, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you! 

Chief Gary Ratliff
League City Police Department
League City, Texas