Elah Valley

This is a valley located in the Shephelah (foothills) of the Judean mountains, near the border of the ancient Philistines, who were sea people and lived along the coastal plane. The valley is the [...]


Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane is located at the foot of the Mt. of Olives in the Kidron Valley between Mt. Moriah. Gethsemane is the “place of the olive press” and according to Scripture, it [...]



Nazareth is the boyhood home of Jesus. The city is located in the lower Galilean hills overlooking the Jezreel valley. The present-day population exceeds 80,000. The city has an Arab and Jewish population. An [...]


Mt. Herman

Mt Herman is located in the northern most part of ancient and modern Israel. It is at its highest peak in Israel. It a range that is located in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. Lebanon [...]


Mt. Arbel

Mount Arbel located in Israel’s Lower Galilee region stands sharply and prominently over the Sea of Galilee. Its graceful stature and steep slopes, particularly on the eastern side, provide magical views across the Sea [...]


Jordan River

The Jordan River is approximately 156 miles long. It begins in the northern most part of Israel at the base of Mt. Herman, and runs into the Dead Sea, 1,300 feet below sea level [...]


Holocaust Museum

All Warriors-Walk groups will visit this remarkable site while in Israel. No one can properly understand the modern Jewish State without visiting this hallowed place. Continuing education is the hallmark of the Remembrance Center, [...]


Gideon’s Spring

Harod Springs is located at the foot of Mount Gilboa in the easternmost part of the great Jezreel Valley in the Galilee. The Jezreel Valley is located at the northern edge of the Samaritan [...]


Caesarea Maritime

Caesarea by the Sea is an ancient seaport located on the Mediterranean Sea approximately seventy miles northeast of Jerusalem. It was the capital of the ancient land of Israel during the period of the [...]



Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people. It has never in ancient time, and up to the present time, been the capital of any people, except the Jews. Many occupied the land, [...]


Golan Heights

The Golan, Golan Heights is what is referred to in the Hebrew TaNaK/Old Testament, as the Bashan. It rises above the ashes of Galilee on the eastern side and the Hula Valley in the [...]


Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is not a sea as such, but rather a freshwater lake. It is approximately 700 feet below Mediterranean Sea level, making it the lowest freshwater lake in the world. It [...]